Urbotics: Samsung LNC630 Review


If you’re in the market for a TV, now is the perfect time to buy.  If you purchased a TV right before Christmas and can still return, now is a great time to get your money back and get a better TV for the same price.  For a beautiful television that doesn’t break the bank or make you want to invest in a new pair of contacts, look at the Samsung LNC630 series.  

Now I’m the first person to say that we need some innovation in the TV naming arena, but a search on any tech store website should bring it up.  This television comes in four sizes 40, 46, 55, and 60 inches and is a beauty.  The front of the unit is one glass pane that gives off the illusion that it was crafted from one piece of material (Like a MacBook Pro).  It boasts 120hz, 4 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 composite, 1 VGA and numerous other inputs.  The speakers sound like they came from a 94’ civic, but if you’re buying a unit like this one you probably have a hi-fi setup.  

Now, on to what really matters – the picture.  You are able to choose between four factory presets or, if you have time to burn, you can do it yourself.  I recommend using one of the presets.  The 120hz makes allows fast action to come through smooth, so you can see just how talented Tasha Mack is that head bob thing.  The motion plus feature makes things even better, but can cause the picture to stutter when motion on the television is slow.  It’s best to keep that feature turned off until you really need it.  

In all, this is a solid TV and beats many of the pricier LED-LCD TVs in performance. At around $850 (current BestBuy.com price) it’s a bargain compared to its thinner counterparts (it is 3.5in wide compared to 1in LEDs).  So if size really doesn’t matter and you are excited by the motion in the ocean, grab one of these LNC630 series TVs, and enjoy yourself a nice night of the National Geographic Channel on your new flat screen.  What did you think I meant?


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