Metro…wait..I am not Metro I am a Grown Man.


Skinny Jeans + ascots + sweater vest = the Urbane Professional Male’s attire.  But have we taken it too far?  Have we allowed the Usher’s, Will I Am’s, and Soulja Boys to change our direction of attire to the point we have altered our manhood.  Let me explain.   When I can see a grown man’s money clip in his back pocket, it is time to re-evaluate our definition of style.

If you are not sure where I am going with this, let me show you.



There is a stark difference between the word TIGHT and the word TAILORED.   As a Urbane Professional you have to decipher through the media’s ploy to empty your pockets and decide what makes sense for your personal life and even more so your career.  Style is an important part of playing and looking the part, but do not let society determine who you should look to for your everyday threads.  It is important to know how to maintain your image.  Any good tailor will show you the difference between a well dressed man and a poser.  I laugh when I see an Urbane Professional in an oversized suit.  This guy does not even realize that he sticks out like a sore thumb.  You have seen this guy before and it was probably in your mirror. 

Does this remind you of what you have in your closet?

You probably looked at that picture and did not find anything wrong.  But, for those of you who are on track, you know the meaning of having a good tailor.

The two pictures above are of the same man.  If I had not told you, would you have been able to tell?  I highly doubt it.  Clothing styles go in and out, but like the “little black dress” for a woman, the tailored suit will always have a place in your closet.  Urbane Professionals must invest in staples (A major item of trade in steady demand) and not in fads (a manifestation of intense enthusiasm for something).  It is your hard earned money, so why waste it on something that will not be here in a year?

I know some of you think that worrying about clothing is metro.  It is not about being a metrosexual, it is about being a man who knows how to handle his business in every aspect of life including his closet.  Are you handling your business?


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